Saturday, April 19, 2014

GLASS class

Google GLASS is class.

It's just an early version, still a "gadget" as most naysayers would put it but I am very impressed by the Google GLASS experience.

It will take time. But I wouldn't be surprised by mass adoption.

The user experience is already extremely streamlined, intuitive, seamless.

Nonetheless, the hands-free commands like taking a picture by a simple wink or launching any of the many features - video recording, social sharing, email writing, email sending and so on - with voice recognition is not very social friendly because it creates unwanted noise in ongoing social communication in a way.

Once brain computer interface is integrated, this will be another story...

It will take time. But we have to start somewhere.

And I am excited in the future possibilities, in social video collaboration in the nearer future as well as in the many opportunities spawned by hands-free augmented reality consumer experiences.

Along with Facebook's recent acquisition of Oculus it makes me want to believe we should see intriguing value-add in that space.

May the digital force be with us!
 — emozionato.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014