Friday, July 19, 2013

10 Internet Startup tips from the Silicon Valley trenches (Last part but not least)

10. Have fun, that's what can make you win

Those who have experienced the unique flows of positive energy dynamizing the startup ecosystem and what it is to act on a vision should relate. There is nothing like living and breathing in each moment of an Internet startup venture. Especially, when you can do it in the amazing orchard of relentlessly sprouting innovation, the Silicon Valley.

Along this journey, at least before you get funded, you don't have much and finding ways to multiply creative thinking possibilities can go a long way. As you build the team, seek to continuously challenge your thinking and come up with new ways, fun can take you to unexpected heights.
It's well known that disruptive innovators are highly visual leaders. Leonardo Da Vinci used to draw a lot of inspiration from stains on walls. I would encourage you to find new, fun interactive ways to engage with your team, in-person and through immersive remote collaboration video experiences, through fun visual activities that get your team to actually "touch" the future.

Yes, I mean it. Touch the future.
Gamestorming is an interesting avenue to explore but I challenge you to define what is the best way for your team to spawn boundless creative thinking. Think about the impact for stakeholders to "touch" it.

In that sense, I'll leave you with this final thought, most startup pitches that win make the target audience at least visualize, better, touch how what your startup solves is going to change their life forever.

Startup life changed mine forever, I am forever grateful I did it!

Don't think twice and don't read these tips twice, just do it.

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